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December 04 2014


Earning CompTIA Strata Declaration Adds an outstanding Credential to the Resume

A person who is interested in working in computer networking or at a help desk can gain a competitive edge with a + certification jobs certification. He or she gains this credential by passing a rigorous exam that covers topics such as computer hardware, software installation and security measures. To prepare for the exam, completing a program at a school such as Simplilearn helps by providing all the knowledge and practice necessary.

The Computing Technology Industry Association -- better known as CompTIA -- is a nonprofit trade association in the field of information technology. The association is the leading provider of professional certification that isn't tied to a specific manufacturer. Strata is the name the organization gives its certification exam that covers the fundamental information a person needs to get started in an IT career.

This might be an individual who is relatively new in the job force or somebody who has worked in a different field and wants to change careers. Completing an e-learning program in comptia strata also can help an individual who will be working closely with computer professionals and needs to be able to speak their language. After obtaining this fundamental certification, the person can go on to complete higher-level training and earn other credentials with CompTIA.

During online learning, the student learns intricate details about computer control panels, Internet protocol addresses, video and audio computer features, operating systems, networking, printers and much more. Practice exam questions are available along with tips on how to pass the certification exam. Because of the e-learning focus, students can work on the various chapters whenever it's convenient for them and they can access online features from anywhere they can get a wireless connection.

Not everyone who takes the comptia strata certification exam passes the first time, which is why completing a thorough course in the various topics is advantageous. The program provides a structured learning system that helps a busy individual avoid distractions and complete the work in an organized fashion. He or she can master each chapter before moving on to the next, or move through all the chapters relatively quickly and then go back to concentrate more fully on each topic.

When it's time to take the certification test, this person will feel confident rather than anxious about passing. All these advantages make it more likely that he or she will pass the exam on the first attempt and be able to add the certification credential to the resume.

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